Up to 8 colors in each blanket!

100% Acrylic Yarn - Machine Washable and Dryable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions about our custom knit blankets and the ordering process.


How many colors can be knit into the blankets? Up to Eight colors can be knit into the blankets. You can choose the blanket color, seven colors for the design, logo or mascot, and then the binding that we sew on all four sides can be a ninth color - or any of the colors in the blanket itself.

Custom Design

Can we have our own specific design put onto the blanket? Yes, however, we need to see the design/artwork before saying that we can definitely do it.

Other Products

Does Logo Knits make or sell any other products? Yes! We can get any other customized/imprinted product. We are also offering our new knit scarf! Click here for more info on the scarf.


How long has Logo Knits been making blankets? We are the originators of this type of blanket and have been making our knit blankets since 1976. We have manufactured nearly two million knit blankets!!

Ordering & Contact Info

We are available 7:30am - 4:30pm (Eastern), Monday to Friday.
Please leave a message on our answering system if no one picks up.
We will call you back!

Inside the USA
1-800-874-5646 phone
1-732-382-9479 fax

International Callers
+732-382-9898 phone
+732-382-9479 fax


We love hearing how much our customers appreciate their custom knit blankets!

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